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5 Tricks For Treating With Littles In Tow


5 Tricks For Treating With Littles In Tow

October is here and that means that the Walmart seasonal aisles have been rocking Halloween swag for a good two or three months now.

Insert eye roll emoji. I guess I had better get my act together with less than a month to go now and three boys to costume up!

This year we have a six-year-old, a four-year-old, and a 16 month old to not only dress up, but also traipse around the neighborhood with so I’m mentally preparing myself now! So I thought I would share some tips that have worked well for us in the past. The two older boys will just do their thing and we will have to do our best to keep up with them, but the littlest takes a bit more…effort, if you will. wink wink. 

My school of thought, whether it be trick-or-treating or doctor appointments or church functions or whatever, is to set ourselves up for success from the get go.


Specifically speaking though, this is what our Halloween game plan looks like:

Eat first.

We do this for multiple reasons, the most important being that we know trying to feed our kids a decent meal AFTER they have filled up with candy is a losing battle that we’re not willing to fight, and as for the little guy? Well, come on. Hungry babies are miserable babies so do yourself a favor and put some food in those little bellies before the festivities even start! 

Plan and use your time wisely.

I know that our littlest guy is usually ready for dinner around five and bed around seven, so obviously we are not going to feed him at seven and start dragging him around the neighborhood at eight. That’s just asking for tears. From everyone. Including me. Schedules aren’t top priority for us on holidays, but we make plans as close to our “normal” as possible to ensure the best results. (Note: sometimes that meshes with friends’ and/or family’s plans, sometimes it doesn’t.) If I can get everyone back home, through the door with huge sleepy smiles on their faces then I call it a win. 

Transportation is key.

We have multiple options for transporting our littlest guy around, as I’m sure you do too. Once we know where we are going and have an idea of how long we will be out, I can then decide on our best option. I’m thinking this year we’ll opt for the roomy double stroller over the classic Costco wagon so that our little guy is as comfy as possible for as long as possible (and has the option to recline and snooze should he feel so led). An added plus to the stroller option over the wagon is that when the trick or treat bags inevitably get too heavy for the big brothers, their loot can be stored in the under storage around back instead of being placed right beside him. Taunting him with its chocolatey delicious aroma. (see next point)

Hide the candy.

Will I sneak my toddler a piece or two of candy in the spirit of things? Probs. But, he definitely won’t be happy with just a piece or two if he sees the endless supply right in front of him! (see next point)


Since littles have an uncanny awareness of other people who are eating within a mile of them, our 16 month old will most likely notice that his peeps are feeding their faces every time the stroller stops. Packing him a few of his favorite snacks (maybe something fun and new too) so that he has options and feels a part will help distract from momma sneaking all the mini snickers she can get her hands on.

What are some of YOUR tips and tricks on treating with little ones in tow? Share your wisdom in the comments or on our social media so we can all plan ahead to make this the best trick or treating experience yet!

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