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5 Things to Plant in Your Spring Garden


It may not officially be Spring yet, but it is definitely time to start thinking about planting those Spring gardens here in the valley. Getting an early start is crucial to having an abundant harvest as our hot temps tend to wipe-out production early in the summer. And who wants to be outdoors gardening in that heat anyways? We like to plant in late January or early February to insure a long harvest. But what to plant? Here are five of our families favorite veggies to plant in our Spring garden!


We love peppers and our favorites are bell peppers and jalapenos. We especially love to make Saturday morning runs to the coop for eggs and the garden for peppers so my hubs will make us his special “cheesy eggs”, as we call them. Peppers in scrambled eggs… drool! If you are going to plant peppers, I will warn you that they take longer than many of the other veggies to begin producing. But the good news is, the plants last well through the summer heat and as long as you keep them covered during any frost nights, they will stick around and give you delicious veggies for a good long time!



Last year we planted one solitary little zucchini plant and holy moly did that thing produce! The plant itself became ginormous and we would literally NOT SEE enormous zucchinis like these two pictured here hiding amongst it’s foliage. Crazy, right?! Not only did it produce a ton of veggies for us, but there are so many delicious ways to cook and prepare zucchini that it makes a wonderful addition to your garden. I will admit that we had so much zucchini last year that I became a bit sick of it, but I am over that now and ready for lots more yummy zucchini to come this season!2


Tomatoes are an obvious choice for your Spring garden, in my opinion. Garden fresh tomatoes are simply so much tastier than store-bought, it opens up a whole new world of delicious flavors in your kitchen! It’s worth planting them for the bruschetta alone. Plus, they are very prolific and will give you lots and lots of produce. If you are going to plant tomatoes, I recommend the Early Girl variety as they have a faster time between planting and production and will therefore insure an ample harvest before the summer hits.



Once again, easy to grow and SO so good. You have not experienced cucumber until you pluck one straight out of your garden, slice it up, and eat it with some homemade ranch dressing. I can’t wait! We also love adding them to salads and sandwiches, yum! Who knows, maybe this year we will even try pickling some! We’ll see how adventurous we get.5


Now I know that eggplant is not for everyone, even we only have a handful of dishes we enjoy them with, but these vegetables are the beauties of our garden and we get so much enjoyment out of their plentiful harvest. Since we do only want to eat them once in awhile, we love sharing them with our friends and neighbors when we have more than we can eat (which is most of the time). We originally planted six of these plants, but eventually pulled out five and still had more eggplant than we could handle! They do very well here in our climate. This is another plant that will fare well through the summer and stick around if you keep it covered during freezes.


Happy planting, everyone! And good luck with those Spring gardens!


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