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5 Sparkler Alternates For Kids


Having alternates to sparklers for kids is important in my opinion. I always eliminate unnecessary risk when it comes to my kiddos. SURE we all used them when we were younger but we know better now. The recommended age for sparklers is 12 but you have to present an ID when purchasing them so clearly caution is required. Our get togethers are usually a little crazy with tons of friends, family and kiddos coming together to celebrate. So this year I’m elimnating the risk all together.

Today I’m sharing 5 kid friendly wands that are alternates to sparklers. I mean there is nothing cute about an unlit sparkler and these options literally had my kiddos squealing with excitement.  

Alternates Include::

  • Glow in the Dark Pom Wand
  • Paper Fanfold Wand
  • Firecracker Wand
  • Firework Wand
  • Sparkler Pom Wand

Most of these were made by simply removing a topper from 4th of July themed pens from Target. The Glow in the Dark Pom Wand I made by hand and will be sharing how you can make this one too. 

Glow in the Dark Pom Wand Items Include::

  • White yarn
  • Glow in the Dark Embordery Floss
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Hot Glue + Glue Gun
  • Straw (We use Meri Meri)
  • Pom Makers


You can use a pom making tool like I did (so easy to use) and combine the yarn and embroidery floss together. 


Slide on a paper straw over the wooden dowel (it fits PERFECTLY on top and ups the cuteness factor) and add hot glue at the end to hold in place. And Voila!


Out with the “Ow!” and in with the “Wow!”

It even glows in the dark to keep the kids engaged when the firework shows start (it glows much brighter than my camera shows)!


Whatever you do just get creative and REALLY consider what you are putting in your kids little hands. Most of all stay safe when it comes to celebrating with your family! Happy 4th!

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