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5 Slam Dunk Pinterest Worthy Photo Gifts For Dad

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Move beyond the plaid tie, over powering cologne and bbq equipment. Let’s make some memories in photos and gift them to dad at the same time this Father’s Day.

In a world full of camera phones, fancy cameras and Gopro’s, capturing memories is the hottest trend and where’s the best place to find hot trends and cool gifts…


I don’t know about you but Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship.  It always seems like a great idea to hop on, scroll through and search for the perfect gift but then fast forward hours later I find myself totally distracted or overwhelmed.  No worries mama, I have you taken care of.  

Combing my love of photo taking + Pinterest, I’ve saved you time and researched  with some pretty awesome photo gifts this year that the kids will love to create for dad.

5 Slam Dunk Pinterest Worthy Photo Gifts For Dad 

1. Make It A Combo: Say It With Words & Photos

fathers-day-photo-collage project kid

From: Project Kid

What better than making it a combo and having the kids express their ‘loves of dad’ and snapping a few photos too.  Grab your chalk board and chalk pen and start interviewing the kids about their favorite thing about dad. This is perfect for all ages, older ones can even write the words they love about dad on the board.  I love how this mom from Project Kid put all the photos in a collage, you could even make it his Father’s Day Card and print at or Tiny Prints. 

2. Get Snuggly


 From: Collage

Seeing your guy snuggle with the kids is probably the cutest thing ever, am I right?  Well, now you can give them an excuse to even do more snuggling. How adorable is this lush photo blanket?  Bonus, it has free shipping right now and for $45 this will sure be a hit for Father’s Day and a gift that keeps on giving!

3. Let Dad Take His Kids Everywhere


 From: Oh Happy Day

Ok, so this is probably the cutest thing I’ve seen. I mean, who doesn’t like tiny things?   Miniatures of your kids for the working dad or dad on the go, could be a total hit this Father’s Day.   Dad will be the talk of the town with these teeny tiny photos using the Shrinky Dink Kit. We’ve made these before with my kids, but I never thought of making it into a tie pin or key chain, genius!  

4. Go Old School On Him


From: Image3D (

Remember those red viewfinders we had as a kid? They are back and you can totally get your own with your own photos. Choose come cute ones of dad with the kids, or if its for your dad (grandpa), pick out some oldie but goodies from your childhood to surprise him with.  What’s also kinda cool about the view finder is you can add to your  reel collection later with family photos, vacation photos, the sky’s the limit.

5. Wrap It Up With Memories


From: Minted

If you’re not giving photos gifts this year, you can still add some memories by making them your wrapping paper.  I think dad will get a kick out of unwrapping his gift this Father’s Day with some of his favorite characters on them. is amazing and lets you customize your own paper and sheets

Happy Snapping,


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  1. Kellie June 16, 2016 at 8:36 am #

    Great ideas, thank you!


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