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5 Fun Ways to Stay Active with Kids on Thanksgiving

5 fun ways to stay active with kids on Thankgsiving

We are SO lucky to live in the West Valley this time of year! The weather is gorgeous. Most of the time our family winds up outside on Thanksgiving because we can’t get enough of it! It’s easy to get caught up with football (on tv) or video games when you’re full from all the turkey and pumpkin pie, but I want to encourage you to get out there and get active in fun ways with your kids. Work off some extra calories (so you can have more pie)!

Here are 5 fun ways to stay active with kids this Thanksgiving:

1. Football (the real life kind). Get out there and toss the football around, or make it into a big family game with a trophy and everything.

5 fun ways to stay active with kids on Thankgsiving

2. Turkey Tag – a silly version of “freeze tag” where when you are tagged you stand like a turkey (whatever that means to you) and gobble! Just learn from my mistake and be careful if it has rained recently – the ground can be very slippery when muddy. Get ready for LOTS of laughs if the whole family is playing!

5 fun ways to stay active with kids on Thankgsiving

3. Silly Games. Bring some of the fun group games you loved as a kid outside with your family. Games like the 3 legged race, red rover or red light green light.

4. Freeze Dance. We’re big fans of music around here and music seems to bring everyone together. Before the Holiday get a list together of everyone’s favorite songs and put together a playlist. Use the playlist to play freeze dance (Turn off the music and you have to freeze. Whoever is still moving is out.) or just have a big dance party! Nothing like your favorite songs to get you moving. Plus, you can guess who requested which songs!

5. Family nature walk or bike ride. Collect fallen leaves, sticks and rocks on your walk/ride and make a collage or feathers for a traditional “hand turkey” art piece when you get home!

Whatever you do, your kids will love the quality time they’re getting to spend with you and the rest of their family. Thanksgiving has always been one of my boys’ favorite holidays because it’s a day full of the people they love.

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