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4 Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

4 Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

The new year brings ambition and excitement for setting goals for yourself as a recharge and starting over point for fitness and health. By March some of the motivation tends to get lost in the reality of life. If this sounds like you, then why not change it up? It has been proven that working out with a partner is more likely to hold you accountable and motivated while attempting to achieve your goals. I have found that my dog is the absolute best workout partner ever, he doesn’t complain, never cancels on me, never judges me, protects me, and is there rain or shine and ready to tackle whatever workout I decide to do. I have included a fun workout that you can do with your dog anywhere and anytime, just make sure to bring plenty of water for both of you.

1. Good old game of tug-of-war, squat in a staggered stance with right leg in front, squat as low as you can making sure your knees do not go over your toes, and fight as hard as you can after a few minutes, switch legs and lead your staggered stance with your left leg. Your arms and quads should be burning.

2. Frisbee Fun – Throw a Frisbee as far as you can, then SPRINT with your dog and try to get there before they do (you should be out of breath). Once one of you get it, give your dog a belly rub to say great job and while he rests, you drop and do 10 burpees. Repeat this series 5 times.

3. Fetch circuit – set up 4 cones in a square, separate each cone about 25-50 feet. Throw a ball to the first cone, you and your dog run to that cone, allow your dog to rest while you do 25 push ups, then take the ball and throw to the 2nd cone — run to get it and do 30 fast squats, then throw to the third cone— run and do 50 jumping jacks, lastly throw to the fourth cone— run and do 40 full sit-ups. (repeat 2 times)

4. Dogs are great for cardio– running, biking and some even swimming. Make sure to bring plenty of water along with you and take breaks if you realize your buddy is starting to pant too much or is slowing down.
Happy New Recharge to you all and hope you enjoy a fun and quick workout with “Man’s Best Friend”!

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