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3 Ideas to Make Back to School Special


This is the first time that August has really felt like the end of Summer to me. Most likely due to the fact I will now have a kindergartener! It’s such an awesome new phase of life we are entering here, and we’re so excited. But as most of you mamas would agree bittersweet as well. I’m not sure how I’ll feel on the first day when I drop my daughter off at her new school to start kinder, but I’ve decided that I do want to do a few things to make this day and transition as easy and as fun as possible. 

Here’s three easy ideas for how we’re getting excited for back to school around my home. 

1. Plan a ‘Back to School Eve’ dinner. 

This isn’t something new I came up with, fellow blogger Erin of Bringing Up Burns has been doing this for years. I saw her post about this back in 2011, when Ava was just almost two. I’ve been thinking about this idea for years and I can’t wait to add this into our yearly traditions. 

The basic idea for this is to host a dinner in your home for your school age children, pick a theme for the school year to be centered on and get your kids excited about the school year. If you have older children you could go around the table and talk about their goals for the year as well. 

You can see all of Erin’s incredible ideas and more from her different Back to School Eve dinners here on her blog.


image credit: Bringing Up Burns

2. Take your child to do a fun activity just the two of you.

I know my child thrives and loves when she can sneak away alone time with just me or my husband. Before she starts school I thought it would be fun to go on a ‘mother/daughter date’ and let her pick the activity. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna choose pedicures, since they are her new favorite. She feels so fancy. This is a great time for us to have some one on one time to talk about school. I know going off to school can be a little intimidating for some kiddos and having this time is a great way to calm fears and get them excited about the school year ahead.


3. Back to School ‘First Day Printables.’

I love the idea of using these signs to take a photo with. I see them every year all over the web, and this year I’m excited to finally take advantage of this great memory making moment. You can do a simple search on Pinterest and find lots of different ones in different colors, but I love these simple ones shown in the picture above.

Pretty fun, right?! What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate back to school with your family? 




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