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3 Easy Steps to an Organized Fridge

3 Easy Steps for an Organized Refrigerator

January always has be itching to re organize my spaces, clear out the clutter from the holidays and make sure my space is fresh! Something about a brand new year makes me want to be as organized as I can be, I find myself looking around my house seeing what spaces might need to be re worked or tweaked. The easiest place to do that is by starting with small spaces or small projects in our home. 

After having family in town for Christmas my fridge and pantry were looking a little sad. They needed to be cleaned out and re organized. I took an afternoon and cleaned out all the junk and made them functional again. Today I want to share with you three easy and very simple steps you can do to have a more organized and functional fridge. 

1. Clean it out and wipe it down.

First things first, take out all the food from your fridge and wipe it down with some hot soapy water. Clean the shelves and make sure to clean up any spills. Then throw away any food that has spoiled or just needs to go. 

I’m sure you’ve seen these “fridge coasters” around the web, but if you’re like me and think they can be a bit pricey for the fact they don’t last long either I have an easy cost effective solution. I found these striped place mats below from Ikea and I placed them under the beverages and items that might spill to catch all that if they did. Best part is that you can wash them and re use them again and again without buying new ones like the fridge coasters brand suggests. 


2. Gather Like Items and Place into Bins.

Another great way to give the illusion in your fridge that it’s all pulled together and streamlined is to place like item into bins. They corral them quite nicely and give it an nice organized look. I found the ones pictured below at my local Bed Bath & Beyond. They have many different sizes to hold different items. Also pairing like items together on the shelves and in the doors helps keep things organized and tidy. Plus you’ll always know where things are.


3. Get rid of excess packaging. 

I think getting rid of the store packaging on many items like juices and milk and putting them into clear containers and pitchers makes your fridge look a lot more organized and put together and less like the grocery store. 


 Just a few simple tips and tricks and I have my fridge looking just the way I like it. It also helps me find things a lot easier this way and take stock of what we have and what we need. Also, I will add I just love the way it looks too. Organized spaces make me happy and feel like I can take on the day! 




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