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19 Mom Hacks for Embellishing A Gift Card


We are at the beginning of the Holiday Season. It’s nearly Halloween, which is followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and finally Valentine’s Day. Gifts are going to be a plenty.

I’m a giver by nature and truly find joy in giving to others. There is just something about giving a gift you KNOW is perfect for that special somebody.

But sometimes the best gift is a gift card. Now I know…it pretty much takes the fun out of searching for that perfect OBJECT! But here’s the thing…sometimes it’s best to let them pick what they want most. This post celebrates the gift card! LOL! And guess what, there is still fun to be had with giving a little plastic card….cue the embellishments!

I’ve put together 19 ways for you to jazz up that gift card so that you will still hear, “Awh! This is so cute! Thank you!”

Clipboard Gift Card

This cute clipboard was from the Target Dollar Spot. I’m actually using this one for all my kiddos teachers *shhh! Don’t tell them* I already have their fall gifts all set and just have to load these cards closer to Thanksgiving. I love the little foil embellishments on the back and this one doubles as a frame with a backboard stand! Winning!

Place Card Gift Card

When I saw these cute place cards and clips in the Target Dollar Spot it got my creative juices flowing. I don’t know if you are like me, but I’m always looking for new and creative ways to present gifts. Who would have thought a place card would be such a cute gift card holder?! This unique combo is what started this post! What do you think?

Doily Gift Card

We recently had a community yard sale and I picked up a stack of vintage doilies! These are so sweet and fun to use where you can on projects. If you don’t have vintage doilies lying around then NO WORRIES at all! You can use a paper version that is available at just about any craft store. I definitely love how this gift card has a similar feel to our place card holder version with the printed doily on it. Do you like the printed or vintage doily look?

Canvas Drawstring Bag Gift Card

I purchased these bags for our mini clipboards to go inside and they fit perfectly!!! I decided to separate them as two different options for you. Feel free to pair any of my suggestions together for DOUBLE the cuteness!

Pom Pom Gift Card

OK poms are probably my very favorite. I don’t know what it is about these little puffs of cuteness! They are just so whimsy and make anything look so adorable! I paired this one with some black twine. It’s the perfect pair.

Wreath Gift Card

Sometimes gift cards are in the shape of little tags like this one. I added it to a felt wreath and it could not be more fab! If it was a full sized gift card I would recommend to just tie the mini wreath to the gift card with bakers twine. Consider using the “pipe cleaner” vintage style wreaths for a vintage version of mine.

Wrapping Paper Gift Card

I know it seems a little odd to wrap a gift card but how cute is this option? I would rather receive something like this over a plain gift card + branded sleeve any day! During the fall and winter seasons you can include a fall leaf or pine tree sprig to add that special something.

Vintage Style Lace Gift Card

My daughter recently had picture day and I purchased some “vintage style” elastic lace from Hobby Lobby for a headband. I used some leftover lace to add a little something to the gift card. This option isn’t the very cutest but it’s certainly a quick and cute option to present! 

Glitter Gift Bag Gift Card

Give a gift that sparkles! If you present a gift card in a bag like this one I would recommend leaving it folded with the gift card inside. That way the recipients know it’s a card of some sort – it won’t make the bag seem empty when they open it up! 😉

Ribbon Gift Card

I just love this option – it gives the doily + lace look. The thick wired ribbon is great to use on Christmas trees, gifts and much more for the holidays. So this is yet another way to utilize this type of ribbon! I recommend adding a dab of hot glue at the top corners and along the sides to keep the gift card in place. Make sure that your ribbon is wide enough that your gift card will be able to slide in after you add your hot glue!

Raw Wood Gift Card

Raw Birch Wood is such a growing tree err trend! Hehe! This version was found at the Target Dollar Spot and it is a chalkboard with a backboard stand. You can add the gift card with either bakers twine or washi tape for a similar look.

Frame Stand Gift Card

Use this option with caution! LOL! I am VERY PARTICULAR about these types of clip frame stands. Honestly, I don’t normally like them. But these metal letter ones are seriously cute. My gripe is that these normally have plastic, acrylic, etc. bottoms that can be pretty corny. So just stick with something simple like the first letter of recipients name.

Plant Embellished Gift Card

I used a faux sprig for this example just because I don’t have my live Christmas tree. But I recommend a live version if you can. It will look that much cuter. Sometimes faux is an easier option and is still very cute. Attached with washi tape like I did here or with twine. Which will you use faux or live?

Tag + Clip Gift Card

I always seem to have an abundance of tags around my house. So this combo was very easy for me to pull together. You can have your kiddo add a special drawing or message onto the tag to personalize it a bit more.

Flower Gift Card

The gift/scrapbook section always seems to have flowers or other similar embellishments like this one. These items often come with sturdy foam tape on the back to easily adhere the item to a gift bag or in our case a gift card. 

Chalkboard Gift Card

I found this chalkboard tag at Michaels and loved that the gift card fit well on top of it. You can also add it to some of the mini chalkboard stands that craft stores carry. But for this specific tag I would personally add a little hand lettering at the top, maybe “Joy” or the person’s name. In this case I just quickly attached it with some washi tape. My purpose for this post was to keep it simple but sweet! 

Burlap Sleeve Gift Card

The next few versions came in packs with multiples included. This would be great for passing out gift cards to all your friends, family, teachers, etc. and have the same look. Again, I think something like this would be cuter than the sleeve or envelop that the gift card typically comes in.

Lunch Pack Gift Card

This brown paper bag is cute as is, or you could have your kids add a personalized drawing or message. As I mentioned earlier feel free to double up any of these suggestions, like adding an embellishment or sprig to this mini lunch sack.

Kraft Paper Envelope Gift Card

Kraft paper is #everything! This version of an envelope has so much more character than a simple white envelope. It makes the recipient feel like you are presenting them with something even more special. Add some hand lettering or an embellishment to the front for that EXTRA sweet presentation.


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  1. Michelle Hutchison October 25, 2016 at 1:38 pm #

    For housewarming gifts, I like to wrap a card in a vintage-y flour sack hand towel/ tea towel and tie it up with twine. Or send a gift card for a new baby with a small stuffed animal. I like feeling like they are getting something now AND later!
    Local Shoppe

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