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12 Days of Christmas Workouts

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The holidays are an amazing season filled with lots of laughter, traditions and special time with loved ones.  But they can also be a hectic time filled with seemingly endless to do lists and errands to run.  Unfortunately there is only so much time in the day so many of us find it harder to carve out time to get to the gym or our favorite fitness class.  The lack of consistent exercise can drain your energy, weaken your immune system, increase your waistline and turn you into a grumpy Grinch without those intoxicating endorphins coursing through your veins.  

Never fear!  I’ve teamed up with some of my fitness coaches (and their adorable kiddos) for an awesome at-home workout routine to give you 12 full days of holiday fitness fun!  Better yet, the only equipment you need is a jump rope and your own body weight – so no excuses – get to it at the playground while your kiddos play, in the lobby while at gymnastics class, on the sidelines at football practice or in your bedroom before the sleeping beauties awake!  Do these alongside your kiddos, utilize them as extra weight or have them be your mini-trainer by counting out your reps!  You are their hero, show them heroes work hard to stay healthy!  

Note:  These are 12 fairly intense workouts designed to be completed in the order they appear – make sure to honor your fitness level, modify where appropriate and stay positive!  To help stay injury free, make sure you are warming up a good ten minutes before these workouts, stretching and hydrating afterwards  –  always consult your physician with any concerns!

Day 12: 

12 hollow body rocks (modify: bent knees) – 1 mile run (modify: fast walk) – 12 hollow body rocks

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Day 11: 

3 rounds:
11 squats
11 pushups (modify: knees down)
11 knee tuck jumps (modify: high knees)

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Day 10:

10 rounds:
crab walk 10 feet
10 jumping jacks
10 situps

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Day 9:

3 rounds:
21 double unders (modify: 50 single jumps)
15 squats
9 burpees (modify: step vs jump)

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Day 8:

8 rounds:
Tabata Time (a Tabata workout is work 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds – 8 rounds for each exercise listed below!)
high knees
sit ups

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Day 7:

3 rounds:
7 broad jumps
14 hollow body rocks

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Day 6:

6 rounds:
30 second plank (modify: add kiddos for extra weight!)
200m run (modify: fast walk)

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Day 5: 

35 double unders
30 walking lunges
25 situps
20 squats
15 burpees
10 pushups
5 second handstand hold

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Day 4: 

4 rounds:
30 second wall sit
30 double unders

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Day 3: 

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 10 minutes
30 walking lunges
sprint back to starting point

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Day 2:

Merry Christmas Eve – Day 2 is super light due to leg soreness from lunges – good news….it’s also a partner workout so get ready to sweat and smile!
24 sit-ups (face each other and high five on the way up!)
2 cartwheels on each side (modify: just try it!)
1 partner plank showdown – face each other and see who lasts the longest!

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Day 1:

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  Have a happy and healthy holiday by incorporating a little workout sesh with the family. Try a barrel walk race and enjoy the giggles!!  

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