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Mom is a PIcky Eater

Fear. Worry. Anxiety. Tears. Anger. Hunger.

Do you ever have these feelings? Do you get them when you are invited to dinner with your girlfriends? Why, yes, I get all of these feelings and so much more when I get any kind of invitation to dinner, lunch or really any social outing that may involve food.

Why? Because I am a picky eater. Not my kids. ME!

My entire life I have dealt with the comments, blame, and being on the “not-inviting you” list. I’ve never understood why it makes a difference to other people if I choose to eat chicken tenders instead of sushi or grilled cheese instead of spicy fish tacos. I care so little about fancy adult food that I can’t even name some. I order and eat what I like. Leaving all health and wellness comments to the side; I physically have not been able to eat it. Makes me gag and feel nauseous. Texture has always changed it for me.

Do you get this way? Am I the only one?

Believe it or not but I have lost friends due to this issue.

I’ve been a burden to my family and friends. I’ve felt less special. So, I’ve made the choice to avoid these situations in their entirety. I don’t want to have the moment when I say “I’ll have the cheeseburger plain with no fixings, no additions and yes fries on the side.” And then there’s the silence and sometimes, laughter.

Do you ever feel this way? What would you do? I’ve never been able to find my way out of the situation. Instead, I avoid. My macaroni and cheese or pizza at home with my family is enough for me. But I miss out on meeting new Mommy friends, getting to know friends better and showing my true self to a new acquaintance. Should I go anyways? Should I never leave the house? Real questions I ask myself.

I almost didn’t show up for an interview at a coffee house. I was so nervous that they would not choose me for not being like everyone else. Do I have to tell them I don’t drink coffee? What are they going to think of me?

Then I thought to myself…confidence.

I need to love myself for who I am no matter what. I’m picky about eating and drinking but I’m still human. Daily affirmations have really helped in building that esteem. So my challenge to you – you never know someone’s situation sitting across the table from you.




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