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10 Things Every Mom to Be Needs

Pregnancy Must Haves

The first time around, I totally fell for all of the trendy commercial products of pregnancy. I bought the creams that are guaranteed to prevent stretch marks and the gadgets that allow your baby to listen to classical music in the womb, because surely that impacts IQ. If Heidi Klum was using it during her pregnancy, it must be essential. All of that stuff, that just went shoved into a closet after 9 months of pregnancy, really wasn’t necessary and it got me thinking about what my pregnancy must haves really are. You’ll be surprised to see that most of these items can’t be found in the baby aisle.

In no particular order, these are my pregnancy essentials:

1. Body Pillows. Yes, I said pillowS. I take up 75% of the bed when I’m pregnant, surrounded in my nest of pillows and it’s the only way that I can sleep. Totally essential, unfortunately for my husband.

2. Naps. Anyone who has had a case of pregnancy insomnia will agree. Cleaning and work can wait, mid-day naps are key to warding off pregnancy mood swings.

3. The Netti Pot. If you get sick during pregnancy, this will be your saving grace.

4. Flats. I really don’t know how some pregnant moms can stand wearing heels all day, but I’m not that talented. A cute pair of flats are a must during pregnancy for me.

5. Yoga Pants. They are stretchy and you’ll be able to wear them after pregnancy, enough said.

6. A Good Bra. You mamas know what I’m talking about.

7. A Supportive Midwife/Doctor. My midwife is amazing and I’m grateful to know that I have her on speed dial if an emergency (rational or not) arises. I love that I’m not just a chart to her, but a person that she knows and cares about. Bump this one to the top of my list.

8. A Good Chiropractor. Preferably a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and is familiar with the webster technique. Bump this one to the top of my list too.

9. Prenatal Massages. Oh how I miss my massage membership this pregnancy!

10. Blender. I practically live off of protein shakes in my 1st trimester.

What are you pregnancy essentials?


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