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10 Safe Running Tips

10 Safe Running Tips |

I know most moms have their things, wine, baths, pedicures etc that they look forward to as their “me” time. My “me” time consists of lacing up my shoes and heading out for a nice run. This time typically only happens at 4:45am, but that is totally ok because it does happen and I am thankful for that. However running at 4:45 am is definitely not the safest time so I have done my research to find helpful tips to make sure that I can still get my “me” time and be safe at the same time.

1. Tell a significant other how long you plan to be gone to give them a heads up of what time you should typically be back home.

2. Tell that same person what route you will be taking, or nowadays with technology there are apps to upload so that they can follow you on your route from their mobile device—genius!!!

3. If running with headphones, keep one earphone out at all times – this can be annoying, but so important so that you can hear and be aware of your surroundings.

4. Change your route, I know most runners know exactly how far it is from their drive way to certain landmarks, mailbox is .5 miles, stop sign 1 mile etc, however if you change up your route it is more difficult for someone to follow your pattern.

10 Safe Running TIps

5. Wear bright clothing, reflective gear and a headlamp if in the dark.

6. Run against traffic and always side on a sidewalk.

7. Carry mace and/or a whistle.

8. Be ALERT, if you notice a car stopped make a turn into a neighborhood, if you feel like something is off listen to your gut and head to a more populated area.

9. Run with a friend, not only will she help you stay accountable but it is always better to be out running with someone rather than alone!

10. Make sure you bring your phone and some type of identification with you, there are shoe id tags that are great for runners and those can be found on-line or at a local running store.

Happy Safe Running!

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