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10 Cheeky Reasons To Attend Bloom

Let’s be honest there are tons of reasons to attend the upcoming Bloom event and really we could list WAYYY more than 10!

But we put together a list of cheeky ones that you might not have thought of! 

#1 Target’s Dollar section is WILLING you to go!!! And us #targetmoms MUST do as the Target Dollar Spot says!!! Right?!


#2 There will be cute babies therelike the insanely cute ones that are reppin’ baby brands on IG

#3 When event photos hit your social media feeds FOMO is going to hit ya like that last contractions before popping your baby out!

Picture via Bosa Donuts

#4 Yummy Food – donuts a plenty ladies! Enough said. 

PC Coleen Hodges Photography

#5 Learning stuff about pregnancy and your kids – I mean you SHOULD probably know this stuff right?! 

PC Malia B Photography

#6 What if you take home a huge prize?! You can’t win if you don’t play!

Picture via Bosa Donuts

#7 Did we mention donuts?!

PC Acapello Photography

#8 You get a bag full of goodies THE BAG ALONE is insanely cute….us moms and our bags though – amiright?! #baglady

#9 You get to attend an event just for you (& baby) – these days I’d let the dentist drill my teeth just for some me time…it can be kinda relaxing right?! 🤣

#10 We wanna hang with you! We are super passionate about our community and want to see YOU there.

Have you purchased your ticket yet? Grabs yours NOW!

What are ya waiting for? See #10!

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