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Last Name: Hungry. First Name:…Always!

“Can I have a snack please?…Like maybe a steak?”    The famous line my son whipped out a few weeks ago when prompted at a friends house if he was hungry, kicking off the “i’m always hungry” {summer} season with a bang.    I am NOT the snack house. Usually, I have a various Annie’s organic […]

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5 Myths of Extended Breastfeeding

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my almost two years of motherhood is to never say never. Before marriage, my anxiety told me I’d never want to carry or birth children. After marrying the man of my dreams I said I’d love to carry a child but that I’d never birth a child […]

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Industrial Ceiling Fan DIY

We recently moved into our house and with so many projects I have to make budget friendly decisions.  I often buy used items and upscale them to match my style and decor. This project presented a little challenge because I needed two matching patio fans for my backyard. When I stumbled upon a post on [...]
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Summer Fitness

Summertime Fitness with Kids!

Summer in Phoenix with kids can often make you feel as if you’re trapped indoors.  Whether you have younger children, or even older kiddos, this list of summer fitness tips with kiddos may be helpful to beat the heat! Get your outdoor activity done early.  I’m talking 6:00-7:00 AM early. If you’re kiddos are early […]

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Body acceptance

Body Acceptance: It Begins at Home

Body Acceptance How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and complained about your muffin top or love handles as you get dressed for the day? Chances are, you probably do this more often than you realize. But how many times have you stopped yourself from doing so because your child is […]

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