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West Valley Moms Blog – Bloom Recap

Earlier this month many attended Bloom and we can't believe what a GREAT success this SOLD OUT event was! Whether you attended as a new/expecting mom, a returning attendee, friend, family member or support to someone attending we were so thrilled to host you. This event is 'near and dear' to our hearts because we know the [...]
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The Younger Me Wouldn’t Have Liked Today’s Version Of Myself

The younger me wouldn’t have liked today’s version of myself. I remember how she used to operate. It took about 2 hours to get ready. 30 minutes to shower, 30 minutes on hair, 30 minutes on makeup and 30 for getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc. New clothing was required even for just going on a […]

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Motherhood It’s A Battlefield

  I finally that ONE YEAR motherhood milestone! Being a mother has changed my entire life. I can’t believe how fast the year fly by. I thought by giving up my career that I worked so hard for I would have some sort of regret. I completed two bachelor degree programs while working 40+ hours […]

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Creating Balance |

Creating Balance

Moms are busy people.  Whether it is the demands from kids, husbands, friends, families or work, there is a lot for us to balance. We continue to add more onto our plate, and often feel like failures when we can’t do it all. Sometimes it almost seems as if there is a competition out there […]

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