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Road Trip / Staycation Must Haves From A Mom Of 4

Road Trip / Staycation Must Haves From A Mom Of 4

Coming from a mama of 4…not only can I pack a minimum of three days worth of stuff in two bags anywhere I go, but I could probably time myself in getting it done in under 5 minutes. This is due to the fact that I pack heavy everywhere I go! 

My Top 5 Items::

  1. H2O!!!  It’s Arizona ladies! Sometimes I have so much water packed I have to remind myself that pretty much all the places I travel to, sell more if I should run out. Lol! But seriously, it’s so hot here, I would rather have too much than run out! 
  2. NON MESSY Snacks! I try to get creative with snacks that don’t melt, break apart into a zillion tiny pieces (aka crumbs) or create a war zone in my backseat. So, here are a few suggestions: string cheese, trail mix, dried fruit, applesauce, peanut butter pretzels, cucumbers and carrots (depending on where we are I bring ranch for dipping). And mandarin oranges are another fav! 
  3. Coloring Activities! I almost always have coloring books and crayons on hand or colored pencils for those hot hot days where crayons would melt! We do a pen and paper for the older kids and they play tic tac toe or hangman! 
  4. Changes of clothes for everyone! Whether it be an accident, splash pad kind of day or extra friends joining us! Hybrid shorts or athletic clothes work best since they dry faster! 
  5. Fully stocked first aid kit! Four kids = someone is bound to need a band aid! We love visual games too, nothing needed for that! 

Slug bug, trying to find a license plate from every state and the kids like finding items while driving that follow the ABC’s for example; Arrow; Bus; Chalk etc.. 

Bob Voyage! Enjoy your summer! 

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