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No Bake Power Bites

Did You Say No Bake?!? These no bake power bites are the best! Do you love peanut butter? What about chocolate? How about together and mixed with other delicious and semi-healthy ingredients? Well I do, and I make batches of these regularly for my family to snack on. They make an easy breakfast to go or post-workout […]

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What Is A Doula?

Doula… what is a doula? Pregnancy and childbirth are a very special, complex and memorable time for a family. Most families have ideal scenarios for how the intricate hours of labor and delivery will go. Involving a doula in this critical chapter of your family’s story has multiple benefits. The establishment of continual support, through […]

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Moms on a Mission

This post is a sponsored in partnership with Moms On A Mission. Go Green! Get Healthy! Remove Toxic Chemicals!  We all want to do this and learn what’s best for our families’ health and the environment, right? What if it’s too expensive and natural doesn’t work!? If that’s been your experience, you need to meet this mother/daughter […]

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Mindfulness for Parents |

Mindfulness for Parents

We spend too much of our life in another place. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have arrived at a familiar destination not really remembering the drive there. How many times have I said, “I don’t remember what I did this weekend”? Can you relate? This happens when we are actually […]

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Mantras for Moms |

Mantras For Moms

Every mom that I know sometimes has doubts. Am I doing the right thing? Should I have reacted that way? Are my children eating good enough? Am I yelling too much? Am I spending enough time with them? Are they learning the right values? These are just some I have thought or heard but I […]

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