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The Flow: Menstrual Cups vs. Tampons/Pads

I recently switched to using menstrual cups. I know a lot of you who couldn’t care less about this topic. As someone who had an inquiring mind, I wanted to share some information – good, bad and ugly – for anyone who might be interested in making the switch! The reasons why I switched were simple […]

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The Younger Me Wouldn’t Have Liked Today’s Version Of Myself

The younger me wouldn’t have liked today’s version of myself. I remember how she used to operate. It took about 2 hours to get ready. 30 minutes to shower, 30 minutes on hair, 30 minutes on makeup and 30 for getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc. New clothing was required even for just going on a […]

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No Bake Power Bites

Did You Say No Bake?!? These no bake power bites are the best! Do you love peanut butter? What about chocolate? How about together and mixed with other delicious and semi-healthy ingredients? Well I do, and I make batches of these regularly for my family to snack on. They make an easy breakfast to go or post-workout […]

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