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Motherhood It’s A Battlefield

  I finally that ONE YEAR motherhood milestone! Being a mother has changed my entire life. I can’t believe how fast the year fly by. I thought by giving up my career that I worked so hard for I would have some sort of regret. I completed two bachelor degree programs while working 40+ hours […]

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featured no shame in mom game

No Shame In My Mom Game

  I always said when I become a parent I won’t ever do XYZ or I will never XYZ, but Yep!!! I have pretty much been THAT parent. I never wanted to be the mom with 3 different hand sanitizers and soaps just hanging out in the diaper bag but that’s before I had a baby and […]

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featured WVMB not today bunny

Not Today Bunny…

Not Today Bunny:: Healthy Living As A Mother Healthy living is definitely more challenging since I’ve became a mother. Here are the six points that define my mom bod but also keep me striving to be healthy and a little bit of my struggles. First, when people say the baby weight just magically disappears when […]

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WVMB Im Her Mom-2

I’m Her Mom

Changing diapers, screaming and my nipples are in pain from attempting to breastfeed, am I doing this right? This kept sitting in the back of my mind while my baby was just a few days old. Could I truly be ready for this? The complete unknown of motherhood is exciting and nerve racking at the […]

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