Breastfeeding Doesn’t Define Me

 As National Breastfeeding Awareness Month approaches breastfeeding always becomes a huge topic amongst mothers on media. I have had my experience with both breastfeeding and bottle feeding and I thought I would share my opinion on the topic. This post is in no way trying to stir up controversy, but I felt like I should talk […]

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Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad HERO

Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad

This Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad is very versatile and easy dish that uses ingredients you may already have on hand! It’s perfect for summer cookouts or tailgating! Have you ever heard of a Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad? People usually look at me crazy when I tell them what it is. It generally is a salad […]

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Road Trip Survival Kit

Summer is here, and it’s prime road trip time! Whether you’re traveling across the country, or just taking a short day trip, you’ll want to be prepared. So today I’ve put together a fun “Road Trip Survival Kit,” to keep your family healthy, fed, and entertained! We love to travel, and our transportation of choice […]

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Teaching Our Children to Give | West Valley Moms Blog

Teaching Our Children to Give

Photo credit: Allison Waken of All for the Boys Recently I have had many conversations with parents around the idea of teaching our children to be givers. The reason it is such a hot topic seems to be stemming from two places. First, all parents want their children to know the importance of giving and […]

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