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Why Hurry?

I’m going to start off by admitting that I’m one of those crazy list-makers slash constant-doers with a side of OCD tendencies. Whether it’s cleaning the house, running errands, making dinner, or even replying to a text from a friend who needs some encouragement…I like to feel busy. Sitting still isn’t something that comes easy […]

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Moms on a Mission

This post is a sponsored in partnership with Moms On A Mission. Go Green! Get Healthy! Remove Toxic Chemicals!  We all want to do this and learn what’s best for our families’ health and the environment, right? What if it’s too expensive and natural doesn’t work!? If that’s been your experience, you need to meet this mother/daughter […]

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My Heart Is Black And Blue

My heart is BOTH black and blue…it feels bruised and broken from the happenings in our nation. It’s a very scary and sad time. A scary and very sad time because lives are being lost. Blood is being shed. I mourn RED….I mourn the blood of Alton and Philando and 5 officers lost just last […]

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The Years Are Short–Adventuring With Kids

This summer holds special meaning for me…it’s the last summer before both of my kids will officially be in school.   Bria will be starting Kindergarten and Declan will be in preschool.   It feels surreal, especially while typing it out.  My friends with older children say, “Just wait.  Wait ‘til they are in active sports AND school.  It gets crazy!”  Honestly, […]

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Then…The Light Came On!

I remember the exact moment when I told my friend I was going to leave “Richard.” Her head shot straight up like a spring on a new mattress!  “What!! You just had Rome! Is it PPD? Rome needs a mom and dad. I thought you were happy! what happened? This is coming out of left […]

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The West Valley Haps:: July 2nd – 4th

West Valley Moms it's time for this weekend's The West Valley Haps! Read our West Valley Haps listing, grab your bag and head out to these family friendly events we recommend! For other featured events visit our Events Page. Have a great weekend mamas!   Thank you to our West Valley Haps sponsor Westgate Entertainment District!  Westgate [...]
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