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watching you FI

Do you ever catch someone watching you?

Do you ever catch someone looking at you?  While I was training at the gym last week I noticed someone watching me… I started to feel self conscious and did a quick check to make sure everything looked okay.  I mean, I figured I was a hot, sweaty mess, but aside from that.  All seemed […]

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love yourself FI

Go Ahead, Love Yourself.

  It all comes down to one word… “love.” Often times as mamas, this means loving others and forgetting about ourselves.  We are in such a habit of serving our family that our wants and needs get put on the back burner.  We then feel bad about our looks, our weight, or our lack of […]

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West Valley Mom’s Blog Easter Event

Come enjoy an Easter Picnic at the Something Special Aviation Cafe! Enjoy a kids lunch packed in an adorable Easter “Picnic” Basket with a little something special for them! We will have crafts, Easter photos and we might just have a special guest show up!! Adult Lunches are available to purchase and you may add […]

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permission FI

You Have My Permission

I received a text today that said, “It’s okay to be human and rest.”  YES! I have permission to rest! I never realized that’s exactly what I was looking for.  Just another person to tell me that it’s okay to rest… I am always chasing something and while I love the feeling of accomplishment, today […]

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