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Stop Counting, Mamas.

  What is it with numbers in motherhood? It starts out when you get pregnant. “How many weeks are you?” Oh, your only 20 weeks? Geez, you look like you are at LEAST 30 weeks! “how much weight have you gained?” (Insert that ONE emoji…sorry Jesus)  Our pregnancy is measured in numbers, for good reason. Its […]

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SOON Maternity Product Review:: City Look

This post was sponsored by SOON Maternity. I received product to review.  My opinion is my own and my review is an honest one. Today I’m sharing a “City Look” I was able to create with my SOON Maternity selections. As I mentioned yesterday, I was so thrilled to work with this super trendy maternity brand. You’ve already seen […]

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Why Hurry?

I’m going to start off by admitting that I’m one of those crazy list-makers slash constant-doers with a side of OCD tendencies. Whether it’s cleaning the house, running errands, making dinner, or even replying to a text from a friend who needs some encouragement…I like to feel busy. Sitting still isn’t something that comes easy […]

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