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New Year, New Adventures!

We’re a couple weeks into 2017 now and I heard on the radio today at this point, 92% of people have already fallen off the wagon with their New Year resolutions. That’s a quick 17 days and they’ve already either failed at making their goal or simply said, “Nope, I’m over it! Maybe next year.” […]

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My Word

New Year’s resolutions. Seems like everyone makes at least one this time of year. To some, making these resolutions is exciting and motivating; to others, not so much. I fall into the latter category. I never seem to actually follow through with a resolution, and then I feel bad because, well, I feel like I […]

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Minimalist Mom in the Making

     The other day I was reading an article about “the 10 things to leave behind in 2016” (it was all about fashion and interior design and and what not.) So I am reading along and come to the part about “WHITE WALLS : we get it, you just discovered minimalism…blah blah blah… add […]

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